Mark White


Mark White has held many titles over the years: father, husband, son, brother, CEO/founder, ideas man, but above all, he is a firm believer in not attaching himself to any particular label: “I am a human being first and what comes with that is my expectation around how I will be able to take on the different roles life has presented me and where my curiosity will continue to lead me.”

Mark is the founder of a company called Your Town which has live “community up” initiatives/campaigns across various UK towns, including Your Town Runners. In addition to launching Run Grateful, he recently created and founded MEUS, which is a platform to reimagine men’s health in order to support them physically, mentally, and spiritually. In 2019, Mark was voted in the top 15 social entrepreneurs in the UK by Redbull.

Tiana Gordon


A Customer Experience Specialist, passionate about mental health & wellbeing with a background in Law, Technology & AI.

Daniel Rawles


A tech4good innovation guy who likes bridging industries, technologies and business models with the latest behavioural trends.

Joshua Robinson

Head of Finance

A chartered accountant (ACA) with 13 years’ experience across a wide range of industries.

André Graver

Head of Production

An experienced global talent with experience ranging from content design to brand direction. Andre has led the production of the MEUS App.

Aman Malhi

Graphic Designer & Production