Mark White


Mark White has held many titles over the years: father, husband, son, brother, CEO/founder, ideas man, but above all, he is a firm believer in not attaching himself to any particular label: “I am a human being first and what comes with that is my expectation around how I will be able to take on the different roles life has presented me and where my curiosity will continue to lead me.”

Mark is the founder of a company called Your Town which has live “community up” initiatives/campaigns across various UK towns, including Your Town Runners. In addition to launching Run Grateful, he recently created and founded MEUS, which is a platform to reimagine men’s health in order to support them physically, mentally, and spiritually. In 2019, Mark was voted in the top 15 social entrepreneurs in the UK by Redbull.

Sean Morrison

Commercial Director

Studio BND

Creative Partner

Studio BND is a London based design studio founded by Ben Mottershead who work with challenger brands to deliver work across brand, campaign and motion design.

We are proud to partner with MEUS Practice to help reimagine who men are, what they can achieve and bring about a new age of Men's Health.

Katie Barnett

Communications Manager

Through social media and content writing, I’ll be helping to shape the presence of MEUS in the digital world. Alongside this, my passion for bringing about positive change in others means I’m so proud to be involved in the movement that I know MEUS is going to create.

Challenging the stigma around mental health is something that is very important to me on a personal level. And from my own experiences, I’ve learned that the mind and body aren’t two separate entities – by enhancing one we can enhance the other.
I’m excited to be playing a part in the MEUS journey and ultimately changing the way men take control of their mental, physical and spiritual health.

André Graver

Head of Production

The MEUS video sessions are accessible self-care tools for the masses. In a busy world where we rarely prioritise our minds and body, MEUS is teaching men how to place these core foundations front and centre.

Through Videography, I look forward to helping shape the look and feel of the MEUS sessions and creating effective content suitable for a wide range of fitness levels and mobility.

Aman Malhi

Graphic Designer & Production

Practice Leaders

Artur Paulins


Artur offers online training through Breathwork Academy, corporate sessions, online classes, UK and international workshops & retreats and one to ones (in London or online).

Breathwork Academy offers a 6-week journey run by Artur online to ground you in the core foundations of these breathing techniques from within your life. Convenient supported integration and deep learning are at the core of this course.

Breathwork should be practical, simple and effective. With this work you can learn how to impact your nervous system to rest, rejuvenate or raise your energy with gentle methods. All methods are designed to be integrated effortlessly into your day to day life.

Mindfulness is a key component of this teaching. Discover how your life impacts your mind and how your mind impacts your life whilst having access to real change through breathwork. The combination of the two is wholly life altering.

Lorna Mann

Personal Development

Lorna is a trained executive and personal development coach, six-time marathon runner and a yoga teacher-in-training. Her career started in publicity however, where she spent 20 years in the profession, most recently working for the highly regarded film studio Lionsgate. During her time as head of department and as a leader she realised that the most fulfilling part of her role was seeing people achieve their full potential. With this potential in mind, and a glass ceiling being reached in her current career path, Lorna had a desire to add to her skill-set in a meaningful way, and she embarked on a training programme to be an executive coach. This training cemented Lorna’s desire to help those around her realise their path and work out how to get there, professionally, personally and any other way possible. Now Lorna’s mission is to ensure you don't stand still in all that

Luke Gibson


Luke is dedicated to helping individuals realise their true potential and elevate their lives through fitness, nutrition and mindset.

Leanne Weston


“My yoga journey began whilst watching a friend practice yoga on the beach of Koh Tao, Thailand, in front of a beautiful sunset. With such a picturesque view, and a little taster of something different, it left me excited to get home and take my first class. Upon returning to London it wasn’t long before I embarked on my first Bikram class in Chiswick. It was something completely new, exciting, sweaty and very challenging, however, just halfway through class I had fallen in love with the practice.

Furthering my travels, I moved to Melbourne, Australia where I was lucky enough to be living opposite a studio in the centre of town. I found myself in the hot room nearly every day which is where I really learnt about and felt the amazing benefits of the yoga. After 10+ years of back pain caused by scoliosis, regular intake of pain killers and many failing appointments with chiropractors, physiotherapists, acupuncturists and osteopaths, I had finally found something that was working!

The rewards have been endless both physically and mentally. My life has become more focused, calm, content and pain free.

I was once told ‘choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life’. So, in 2012 my growing passion for Hot Yoga flew me to LA where I completed a 9-week teacher training course. I often dreamt of having my own studio and after graduating, I returned to London where I have been working hard to make this dream come true!”



The Co owner of Life Change Fitness Is a Hertfordshire based Personal Trainer originally from North London.

With over 12 years in the fitness industry ,the ex professional footballer is vastly experienced and respected amongst his peers .

“Coming from a footballing background I was always in tune with the importance of health and fitness from a young age.

Growing up it was quite evident I had a passion for helping people achieve their fitness goals ,therefore the transition from being a Footballer to a PT was quite natural.

Fast forward 10 plus years I’m still in the industry, still learning and still just as passionate ,having helped hundreds of people throughout the years .”

Sarah Jerrom


Hi, I’m Sarah a 40+ mum of 2 beautiful girls & wife to my lovely hubby.

I have always been into fitness & was a bit of a cardio/running bunny! 5 years ago a back injury changed my whole perspective on training and life in general. Pilates was the one thing that got me through, back to moving & able to function normally again. I went from working in a busy sales office to training to become a pilates Instructor and I’ve never looked back since! Now a mixture of Strength training, cardio sessions and pilates are a must for me.

I absolutely love to help people, watch them grow & realise their own potential. I teach one 2 one & small group pilates from my own home studio. Pilates is my passion! To be able to teach it and share all I have learnt and experienced with my clients is an absolute joy.

Im often described as tinkerbell or the Duracell bunny, Happy, full of energy, a bit nutty with an awful singing voice!

I’m extremely lucky to love my job and enjoy every aspect. I’ve met & have so many lovely clients, I’m a lucky lady.

Hanna Wroblewski

Yoga / Dance

Hanna is an international dance and yoga teacher who works across the UK and Germany. She is a 300hr Hatha Yoga Teacher(Yoga Alliance Certified) as well as a certified Anusara Elements Teacher. Additionally she holds a ,BA in Dance Pedagogy from the Erika Klütz Schule in Hamburg and a Master of Fine Arts (with Merit) in Choreography from the University of Roehampton.

Hanna is teaching regular yoga classes for teens and adults in South West London, assists Bridget Woods Kramer on her current Teacher Training at triyoga as well as delivering international workshops in dance, choreography, and yoga.

She has extensive teaching experience having taught dance internationally for over 15 years while establishing herself as a solo performer. Hanna teaches and has taught for organisations such as The United Nations (GirlUp Campaign), DanceWest, DanceUmbrella as well as yoga studios in South West London. She is also the resident yoga teacher at the Physio Clinic Physio-On based in Victoria and Clapham, where she is offering one-to-one sessions to people to support them in their physical wellbeing, injury recovery and prevention.

Hanna is passionate about teaching movement as well as acquiring and passing on knowledge. Her classes foster a sense of creativity, aim to empower students to try something new, have fun in their practice and leave with a sense of achievement. Always with the focus on creating a safe space for movement exploration and healthy alignment.

Simone Sistarelli


Professional dance artist, musician, social entrepreneur and public speaker. Passionate about inspiring people.

Founder of Popping For Parkinson's, a project that transforms Parkinson's patients into Popping dance students.

Awarded in the Universal Hip Hop Museum Hall of Fame for his contribution to Hip Hop Culture. Original member of the Red Bull Academy UK.

BA in Contemporary Dance from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. MSc in Dance Psychology from the University of Hertfordshire.

Amy Partridge


“I first discovered yoga when travelling with my friends in Southern India where I enjoyed early morning classes at sunrise and learning to meditate. I then went on to travel the rest of the world taking my new found love for yoga with me. From practicing on the beaches of Koh Tao in Thailand to the sky-scraping studios in Sydney, Australia, I realised the great mental and physical balance yoga provides for a busy and social lifestyle, allowing you to feel relaxed and tranquil. I decided I wanted yoga to play a big part in my future and set myself an ambition to open my own studio and share what I had discovered.

On returning to the UK, I began my journey to becoming a Bikram yoga instructor. I travelled to LA and completed the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Course. This was an amazing experience where I met some inspirational people from all over the world. I then continued to follow my ultimate dream of opening my own studio with my best friend and business partner Leanne. Since opening Hot Yoga House 6 years ago, I have developed my teaching and practice to beyond Bikram style, whilst still having a dynamic foundation.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Thank you for sharing your practice with me.”

Darren Onyejekwe


Darren Onyejekwe is a plant-based bodyweight strength and mobility coach, a champion of mental wellbeing and a community builder. Darren is know for his positive mental attitude, systematic approach to training and open and host sharing of mental wellbeing matters"

Abbie Harvey


Hi my name's Abbie and I teach yoga, meditation and qi gong. But my journey to this point started in a very different way...I worked in a fast paced and very competitive fashion industry for 16 years working long hours and travelling a lot. Before starting a family, I decided it was time to take a leap of faith and turn my career towards my true passion: health, wellbeing and yoga. Having struggled with my own health concerns, I know first hand how the natural and holistic approach can make all the difference.

As a qualified personal trainer and qualifications in nutrition, health coaching and wellness management, I was still missing one piece to my puzzle! Having practised yoga for over 15 years, I finally took my passion one step further by completing teacher training in vinyasa flow yoga, yin yoga, meditation and therapeutic yoga. Thus Lotus Health Space was born! Having now trained in qi gong, my offering continues to grow and evolve.

As a mother, a wife and a business women, I know how difficult it can be to juggle everything life throws at you whilst remaining centred. I firmly believe that true health and happiness arises from a collaboration of good food, remaining active, yet finding time to pause, surrounding yourself with good people and doing things you love.

Sophie Anne Belle


I’m Sophie, an ex-professional dancer who decided to take up life working in the big city a few years ago. Going from constant daily training to sitting behind at a desk was a big change for me, and whilst I love my job, exercise has helped me retain some semblance of sanity, especially on the more stressful days.

From weights and yoga to regular meditation I like to keep a diverse routine where I can train anytime, anywhere, especially when I don’t have hours to dedicate to the gym.

This is why I started Bustle - fabric resistance bands.

Bustle enables busy people (like you and me) to train anywhere from home to the park, supporting muscle growth and rehabilitation without having to dedicate an entire evening to the gym.

Kelsey Miller


I have worked internationally as a dancer, model and choreographer for 10years and been active in the scene since I was 16years of age.

‘Hydro’ stands for the free flow movement and speed of how I present my art or teachings. I like to create an immersive and intense experience when projecting my movement.

I am also a qualified Personal trainer and Fitness instructor running sessions weekly. While also an Ambassador of Nike Training London inspiring the training scene through fitness and dance.

I have been training with Boy Blue Entertainment since 2011, however also worked with companies such as Avant Garde, At Your Beat and other companies in the uk. I have trained in Hip hop, Popping, Jazz, dancehall, afrobeats, Krump and House. I used these styles to influence my personal style which is also known as ‘Hydrography’

I have performed on stages such as the Barbican, Sadlers wells, Zalgiria Arena (Lithuania), SSE Arena, Latitude Festival and more Uk and international venues. I have danced with artists such as Cheryl Cole, Run DMC, Big Narstie, Koredo Bello, Ray Blk, Chipmunk, Will Smith and more.

My journey hasn’t always been easy. I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (Cancer) in my neck at the age of 17, 3days before my 18th birthday in 2015. I was lucky enough to be cured in the early spring on 2016, however it has came with a lot of challenges and barriers that helped me grow into the artist and man I am today. To see more info and the journey with my cancer check my video gallery.

My work often represents conceptual pieces and an enhanced, deeper meaning of dance. I love being able to explore my insecurities and problems I have faced within my creations.

One of my biggest aspirations is being able to connect with people through the art of dance. Many of the workshops I have hosted have been inspired by touching personal emotions/past experiences. In the same way dance helped me through some difficult moments of my life I hope to inspire others who may benefit from using this as a form of release

Esmée Gummer


In 2009 and at the age of 18, Esmée was about to commence training at a Professional Dance College when she underwent minor surgery that took a wrong turn. She became paralysed from the waist down and was told that she could never walk again, bringing her hopes and dreams to a devastating end. Refusing to give up, Esmée endured intense physiotherapy after regaining some feeling in her legs and, despite the odds, trained her body to move again.

Esmée is now a leading fitness instructor, gaining the title of GQ Star Trainer for London in 2015, just six years after her surgery. She is a true representation of ‘mind over matter’ and it’s her unique approach to training that has solidified her presence in the UK fitness industry. Using her own experience, Esmée motivates and encourages people to achieve their goals not just physically but mentally, enabling them to feel the best possible version of themselves. Esmèe’s method is that if you can train your mind to overrule your body in a workout, then you can apply that technique to help you in any area of your life.

In 2019, Esmée co-presented BBC 3 series ‘Work It: Body Confidence Stories’ which saw her mentor and train people to overcome their issues with body confidence. She was also the digital host for The London Marathon after competing in 2018, something she never thought would be physically possible to her, and has done various presenting for Lad Bible including their coverage of the Fifa Awards.

Esmée took part in Channel 4’s gruelling ‘SAS: Who Dares Wins’ and reached the final where she ranked 9th out of 25. It was the first series that saw female recruits compete alongside men, making her one of the first females in history to be put through the Armed Forces selection process.

Esmée has worked on numerous brand campaigns such as Guinness’s Calcutta Cup, alongside Mark Wright and Jim Hamilton, and collaborated with the likes of Under Armour, Mazda, Bobbi Brown, Adidas, Benefit, Actimel to name a few.

Esmée is also a frequent motivational speaker and is regularly commended for her ability to get through to people. She works very closely with the mental health charity MIND and has supported them on numerous campaigns.



Brian Morrison is a Breathwork Coach and certified Wim Hof Method Instructor. Brian has been teaching for the last ten years in Higher Education and spent much of this time trying to learn how to creatively connect the mind and body. Brian creates immersive breathwork experiences to guide people back into their body via the breath.

His practice helps people release physical an and emotional pain as well as how to manage stress and anxiety by building a deep relationship with their breath.