Mark White


Mark White has held many titles over the years: father, husband, son, brother, CEO/founder, ideas man, but above all, he is a firm believer in not attaching himself to any particular label: “I am a human being first and what comes with that is my expectation around how I will be able to take on the different roles life has presented me and where my curiosity will continue to lead me.”

Mark is the founder of a company called Your Town which has live “community up” initiatives/campaigns across various UK towns, including Your Town Runners. In addition to launching Run Grateful, he recently created and founded MEUS, which is a platform to reimagine men’s health in order to support them physically, mentally, and spiritually. In 2019, Mark was voted in the top 15 social entrepreneurs in the UK by Redbull.

Sean Morrison

Commercial Director

Tish Diggs

Brand Consultant

Katie Barnett

Communications Manager

Through social media and content writing, I’ll be helping to shape the presence of MEUS in the digital world. Alongside this, my passion for bringing about positive change in others means I’m so proud to be involved in the movement that I know MEUS is going to create.

Challenging the stigma around mental health is something that is very important to me on a personal level. And from my own experiences, I’ve learned that the mind and body aren’t two separate entities – by enhancing one we can enhance the other.
I’m excited to be playing a part in the MEUS journey and ultimately changing the way men take control of their mental, physical and spiritual health.

André Graver

Head of Production

The MEUS video sessions are accessible self-care tools for the masses. In a busy world where we rarely prioritise our minds and body, MEUS is teaching men how to place these core foundations front and centre.

Through Videography, I look forward to helping shape the look and feel of the MEUS sessions and creating effective content suitable for a wide range of fitness levels and mobility.

Aman Malhi

Graphic Designer & Production

David Bone

Director of Technology

Benji Mitchell

Head of Production


Videographer & Editor