Why does MEUS exist?

By June 8, 2022 No Comments
Meus Practice Blog

I have a few titles and have been labeled a few things over the years; father, husband, son, brother, founder, an ideas man. I’m a big believer in not attaching myself to anything. I am a human being first. What comes with that is my expectation regarding how I take on the different roles life has presented me and where my curiosities have led me.

MEUS was born from all that I’ve seen, heard, felt in my life so far, the joy, the pain, the good days, the bad.

My own positive story was born out of deep darkness. Addiction and hopelessness. But I don’t want to paint a picture that MEUS is only for those who can identify with that side of life. MEUS was imagined for all men who wish to explore ways to better themselves in everyday life. Adapting to life as it happens and having the best possible chance to succeed.

I have experienced many practices, exercises and workshops. Some I have enjoyed, others not so much but I have also not judged them at the time, but felt it wasn’t the right time to introduce them into my life for whatever reason.

One thing that has always frustrated me was how I conformed to what normality is considered to be. I had a routine and because of how we are told to better ourselves, I had to do what I did at certain times of the day every day, like clockwork.

I didn’t have the time or capacity to try new things as often as I would have liked, so I started to imagine. What if I could entwine all the things I currently did or had yet to try and create a singular focus; a practice in its own right? One which could be carried out anywhere, at any time, or place.

I see MEUS as an ideal opportunity to support me in my everyday life. I want to open up this experience for others. Re-imagining how we can move our body and minds, connect our physical, mental and spiritual fitness and reflect on life in the process.

So if you’re wondering why MEUS exists. This is why.

With one in eight men suffering from a common mental health condition, and three times as many men as women dying by suicide, there is no denying that the men’s mental health crisis is real. 

Through MEUS, I want to encourage all men to move, connect and reflect daily. Because we believe that by doing so, we can create more self-aware men – leading to a better world for all.

Ready to be part of the next generation of men? Get started by downloading the MEUS app.