Five powerful benefits of breathwork

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Mark White, MEUS Founder

Stop. Take a moment. Just breathe.

Breathing. We all do it. We all need it to survive. But what happens when you really harness the power of the breath?

Enter breathwork.

Breathwork encompasses a variety of techniques that focus on intentional use of the breath. In doing so, you can regulate the flow of breath to balance both body and mind. However, breathwork is much more than just deep breathing, it can be an incredible tool for

1.It can reduce stress

How we breathe often indicates how we feel. In moments of stress we can often be found taking shallow and rapid breaths which can increase feelings of stress and anxiety. On the other hand, long deep breaths can allow us to feel calm and centred. This is because deep breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system, taking us out of fight or flight mode. It is exactly why you’ll hear people say ‘take a deep breath’ when someone is stressed – it really works!

2.It can help alleviate depression

Much like meditation, breathwork practices can have a profound impact on overall mental wellbeing. Not only does it create a space for us to slow down and find stillness, but it literally changes our brainwaves too. Direct correlations have been made between an increase of alpha brainwaves (when we are relaxed and in the present moment) and reduced depression symptoms.

3. It can increase energy levels

By breathing consciously, we improve the oxygen capacity in our blood – leading to increased energy levels overall. The body can then exert this energy in a number of ways, such as allowing us to have a better night’s sleep or push even harder than usual in a workout. So whilst breathwork can induce feelings of calm and relaxation, it can also ramp up blood flow and increase oxygenation leading to more energy.

4. It can increase focus

By slowing down the breath and bringing more attention to it, we can in fact increase our overall focus levels. This is because conscious breathing stimulates the cerebral cortex which is the area of the brain that plays a key role in attention and memory – thus enhancing focus. Much like meditation, which takes patience and practice, regular focus on the timing and pace of our breath can have a positive impact on our body and mind.

5. It allows you to explore altered states

It might be surprising, but breathwork provides opportunity for self-discovery and spiritual exploration. It can help us connect to ourselves on a deeper level, experience a feeling of oneness with ourselves and enhance our creative insights and inspiration. By slowing down and turning our attention inwards, away from the outside world, breathwork becomes a powerful vehicle that allows us to explore altered states of consciousness.

If breathwork is new to you then we invite you to explore it more and the value it can bring us in our day to day lives – 

Not new news for you? then you already know how great it is! 

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